Dibutyl ether (C8H18O)

Dibutyl ether is a chemical compound belonging to the ether family with the molecular formula of C
18O. It is colourless, volatile, and flammable liquid and has peculiar ethereal smell.
Liquid dibutyl ether is lighter than water. On the other hand, the vapor is heavier than air. It is not soluble in water, but it is soluble in acetone and many other organic solvents. Due to this property, dibutyl ether is used as solvent in various chemical reactions and processes. For example, phenyl lithium is commercially available as a ca. 1.8 M solution in dibutyl ether.
Because of the formation of peroxides, it should be protected from heat, light and air.

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  • infrared sensor IECEx certificate

    GIR-3000 IECEx Infrared Gas Detector Dibutyl ether (C8H18O) 0-100% LEL

    Continuous detection of flammable, CO2, CO and N2O gases in explosion hazardous area with flame proof structure State-of-the art infrared detection principle Long service life time (more than 5 years) Operation in non oxygen environment Self diagnosis function with built-in Microprocessor Fast response time(

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