Gas Detection for Australia

Providing quality, Australian designed and made gas detection solutions to keep your assets safe.

Gas Detection

Made in Australia, for Australia

Gas Detection Australia has been in the Australian market for more than 14 years, providing safety equipment for numerous clients all over Australia, We have designed and manufactured our own line of Gas Detectors including the 2500 & 3100 series, also Controllers and other Sensors. In addition, we have partnered with certain overseas manufacturers to bring a well-rounded supply of Gas detection equipment to the Australian Market.
Gas Detection Australia was established in Toowoomba in 2006 by Mr James Boucher. Our team over the years have invested time and money to build the company’s reputation for reliable and affordable Gas Detection equipment. It includes the design and manufacture of the products that meet the Australian requirements for your company.

Firstly, Gas detection Australia has provided the best customer service whether it’s for pricing, lead times or technical knowledge requiring site specific requirements. They always reply to my queries in a timely manner and always pick up the phone to try and sort out the issues at hand.

Secondly, their products are fantastic plus being Australian made means I know I am always getting the best quality which always meets my expectation. Some of the products that I have bought to date have never missed a beat and have always performed at its best along with the support that comes with the product from GDA.

Shahil Goverdhan

SSG Technologies Pty Ltd

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