Company Overview

Our History

Gas Detection Australia (GDA) was launched on the 14th of March 2007 by James Boucher in Toowoomba located at the University of Southern Queensland. The company provides a wide range of gas detector products which are manufactured In Australia and imported from overseas. The products consist of gas detectors (fixed and portables), calibration gas, gas sensors, controllers, visual and audio signalling and auxiliary equipment. In recent years, the company has expanded in commissioning, calibration and repair services.

In 2019, Rob Whittet started as a General Manager and became the Director and Owner in August 2020, making new changes for the company. GDA has many different relationships with clients across Australia.

australian made

We are an Australian manufacturer

We are proud to be an Australian owned company and an Australian manufacturer, we are engaged by our community to provide the best safety solutions in the gas detection industry. We are officially an Australian Made company and proudly wear the badge on our products.

Our Values

We keep in mind our vision to be “The best Gas Detector Manufacturing Company in Australia”, our daily work and motivation reflects this. Our values are: Customer Relations, Teamwork, Constant Improvement and Integrity.

We often say: “we don’t have customers, we have friends”. We have long-term relationships with clients and provide them with help and solutions.

We have the attitude of “we are a family”, we always respect, motivate, and support each other. Our Director, Rob, values the importance of a good work-life-balance, so we can perform our best.

Constant Improvement: “the future is today” the Research & Development Manager is involved in researching cutting-edge technology in the gas detection industry, offering solutions for new products to put us ahead.

We highly value integrity and embrace the mantra to “do the right thing when no one is watching”.

our values

Our Mission

GDA provides quality in the manufactured and imported gas detector products to ensure they exceed the safety standards within the Australian conditions.

We warrant this efficiency as the products need to pass the “Quality Control” process to successfully proceed to the production stage. Our Research & Developer Manager works with a technological vision to be up-to-date with innovation and quality. The mission of GDA is to always focus on our values and provide the best safety equipment in the Gas Detection industry.

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