GDA 4080: 8 Channel Gas Detection Controller

The GDA 4080 Gas Detection Controller is designed to be to take up to 8 x 4-20 mA sensor inputs and display the gas readings of individual sensors. The multi-colour display will indicate the alarm status alarm levels and faults. There are 8 fully user configurable relays; and an additional fault relay. The GDA 4080 has a MODBUS interface allowing all the sensors to read into BMS systems. The system has an independent two wire comms system to drive remote mimic panels which indicate the current gas levels in their associated area. It is housed in a enclosure with a swing door making cable access and servicing easy

GDA 2400: Multiplexed 8 Channel Gas Detection Controller

The GDA 2400 control unit can take up to 8 x 4-20 mA I/P's. The controller selects the highest reading from the sensors and displays the highest reading of gas from the sensors. This controller is used when ALL the gas sensors are the same type. It is particularly useful in Periphery monitoring and CAR PARK Ventilation control. There are 3 x programmable relay alarm levels. There is an independent fault relay. There are 3 x analog O/P’s which can be configured for either channel as 4-20, 0-20 mA, 0-5 or 0-10 V (with resistor) O/P’s. The controller has an isolated RS485 O/P which can be configured to drive modbus or an interface to the M2001 mimic panel. All configurations are carried out via the push buttons located on the rear of the control board. The unit requires 240 VAC.